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Personal Comfort
On Demand

Meet Thermaband Zone:

A smart personal
thermostat that looks as good as
it makes you feel.

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The Zone

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The Zone Device provides safe, discreet soothing warm or cool sensations to improve comfort on demand, especially during hot flashes, cold flashes or night sweats.
Your Body. Your Zone. ™

Not sure which size to choose? We recommend measuring your wrist to make sure it’s the right fit.
Is your wrist in between two band sizes? We recommend getting the larger band size.


Estimated Shipping Spring 2022

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Automatic Or Manual

Customizable Bands

Digital Insights

Discreet Design

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Gerald has prostate cancer, and is suffering from crippling hormonal hot flashes and night sweats, followed by a cold flash.

The Zone can provide cooling and warming relief based on his skin temperature.

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Amy has night sweats and is unable to sleep without changing clothes or sheets.

The Zone device will empower her to sleep through the night by automatically providing cooling relief.

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Liz wasn’t prepared for the menopausal transition. She doesn’t understand what is happening with her body.

The Zone digital health app will help give context on what’s happening with her body when the hot flashes are occurring.

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Maria avoids social events in fear that she’ll have a hot flash and look like a spectacle. This has negatively impacted her quality of life.

Thermaband Zone will enable her to regain control by provide cooling relief when she needs it most.

Thermaband Zone Premium App*

Learn about your health and wellness through personalized data. Dynamic health insights based on your temperature changes, at your fingertips.

*6- Month subscription

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