5 menopause triggers in your daily life

It’s the wintertime, and you’re still hot! We know all about it. We hate to say it, but some of these things might be causing flare-ups and making you hotter than you want to be. The more you know about hot flash triggers, the cooler you can be, right? We wish! Life happens and sometimes, no matter what precautions you take and what strategies you have, there needs to be a portable and discreet solution you can rely on.


Evolution of Menopause Technology

Historically, not much attention or focus has been given to menopause health and research. There are many reasons for that, but specifically we’ll focus on life expectancy, disparities in medical care among genders, and lack of funding for FemTech. Today, at least we have many more treatment options to choose from. Believe it or not, so much of the lack in menopause research and technology is because of average life expectancy in women. From the 1500s through the 1800s, the average life expectancy for women was 30-40 years. Since the Great Depression, average life expectancy in women sky-rocketed: from 42…


Moms and daughters: What did your mom say?

Moms and daughters: What did your mom say? We recently posed a question to our Facebook community: Did the women in your family share openly about their experiences with menopause? What were your observations and what conversations did you have? The answers to these questions were sadly unsurprising. The majority of women in our sisterhood never spoke with the women in their family about menopause. So we ask ourselves, why? What happened that made so many women suffer in silence?


Thermaband focuses on hot flash help

Debbie used an array of ice packs, wraps and fans, for hot flash relief – which worked well enough until she traveled. She quickly realize that what she really needed was a portable, technology-driven solution to hot flashes.


Suffering in Silence: The Biases and Data Gaps of Menopause

Female Founders Fund launched in 2014 with one simple belief: women will build the companies of tomorrow. Since 2014 women’s health has outgrown its perception as a “niche” area of healthcare and developed into a key area of interest for investors, as well as the broader healthcare community. As a result of this shift, over $1 billion has been invested in women’s health companies over the last 5 years.


Evernow Peak Woman: Debbie Dickinson

An experienced benefits attorney, lecturer, and entrepreneur. Debbie Dickinson has put her Harvard Law and Wharton Business School degrees to use by developing a solution for one of menopause’s most challenging side effects.


Q&A with Markea Dickinson Yale SOM’20, Thermaband Co-Founder

Markea Dickinson ’20 co-founded Thermaband during her second year at SOM. Thermaband’s mission is to reframe midlife and empower women to control their thermal comfort through the Zone device. This smart personal thermostat provides heating and cooling sensations, as well as digital health data, and was co-created with a community of 600+ women.


Next to My Bed: Markea and Debbie Dickinson

What would it take for you to start a business…with your mother? For Markea Dickinson, the answer was simple: a good idea with a strong mission. When her mother Debbie saw how little there was on the market for menopausal women dealing with heat sensitivities, she was shocked. “This is 2020,” she proclaimed. “Women don’t have to just put up with it. Physicians actually have information and solutions that allow my daughters and grandchildren and other women not to have to deal with this.”


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